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Installed software version has changed from 1c13ac37.. to f0e86531..

f0e8653 update warning style
1e9949e move page templates to page/ rename rebuild to build
aca7ca4 update write.template
dea73b3 revert write-small.template
0678731 revert identity.template
2d98a01 revert changes to crypto.js.template
32a9770 fix merge in brainstorm and todo
cc343ff move string/ into default/ ; shorten item urls ; allow changing config via admin-signed token ; rename to and to ; add config table ; move page templates into template/page/
3d52c0b merge crypto.js
76340cd merge identity.template
44fd305 update brainstorm
0f02bf3 update docs
dd6a8f3 add
7759d2a if pubkey doesn't exist on server, go ahead and resubmit it.

1ba8188f198d13f1f63260664fa3d6aabed279d5 .txt **server

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