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Installed software version has changed from 1619ced2.. to 695eb3ae..

695eb3a add EpochToHuman2() to
9ad0c5a update event table ; add event_future view
e898f44 de-integrate header_pattern temporarily ; re-add Stats to top menu
5afb85d allow numbers in hashtags ; remove csrf requirement from addevent tokens
66691cf change language for quick-vote buttons intro
c588e8a remove unnecessary style in voteframe.template
8019ccc add .admin style
eba0ebe clarify id form message
70c15f9 remove unnecessary style in reply form
8254b8b minor updates in id forms to clarify instructions
22b810b minor correction in manual
518636b add to tagset/event and tagset/pubkey
8c0fa2c update todo


2dc8e409db13016fc2012422d8d15b6f54e919bc .txt server

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