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Software Updated to Version 50e563d7..

Software Updated to Version 50e563d7..

Installed software version has changed from 5fd60f5e.. to 50e563d7..

50e563d reorder things in to make approximate progress percentage more accurate in debug log
9ee88b8 add support for latlong tag
5594af3 add location table ; add DBAddLocationRecord() ;
69680a4 add tag_info for event and location
e97111e add special handlers for textart items
c5955dc add TextartForWeb(); change FormatForWeb to not nbsp all the spaces
d82286f classify tag info as beginner hint
613e9e2 make more tags red in color
7c284df remove default var from ShowAdvanced()
01cb0e9 fix bug with hiding/showing p and td elements
2e02b64 add class=beginner to id_create.template elements
b80a706 add class=beginner to write template intro message


44ae0a579c1a84f753378eac65d7e321b5b90f00 .txt **server

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