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Agaric Networks

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Agaric Networks

and these networks and movements:

Agarics ( are members of a few networks and movements, local and global, these are some of them:
Free Software Foundation
Solidarity Economy Network:,
MayFirst People Link:
Platform Cooperativism
The Internet of Ownership:
The Center for Global Justice:
Technology and Revolution:
The UjimaBoston Project -
The TechWorkerCoop:
Mass MeshNet:
Radical Connections Network:

These are some mailing lists we host and belong to:

Platform Cooperative news:

An email ListServ formed by UjimaBoston for artists and musicians:

I hear from a lot of people that we need better communication tools that we can all use easily, but no one needs another APP. We we could benefit by being better in touch with each other. Crabgrass looks like a good lightweight setup and a lot of us are already members of RiseUp. If you are not a member of RiseUp, now is a good time to be one -

More info on CrabGrass -

There is also - from the

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