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9ff29f7d265fad7327593e744db4d2f111b40cc1 .txt server

Installed software version has changed from 9ba08a4e.. to 53ca7548..

53ca754 remove extraneous space in formencode.js.template
feff0a4 refactor styling of profile link (client-side)
ed6e1e6 put netnow3.template into its own <p>
1d5a2e7 add support for record_sha512 config (doesn't record sha512 yet); reformat/factor for clarity;
0cb483f add trailing <hr> to authorinfo.template
aa438fc remove unnecessary style from versioninfo.template
812ee98 streamline default style
4ab694b remove unnecessary styles from avatar.template
ae63671 update manual to include more browser info
4e231c0 adjust header template
7a4b357 update item.template to include
de2d880 add draft reply2.template (doesn't work yet)
687486a change enable_voting_sea_of_checkboxes to enable_checkboxes; remove russian disclaimer by default due to decoding issues; add to item.template handling;
ac6e64a adjust calendar table; improve/fix addevent/ token handling;
d02867b remove unnecessary styles from write-small*.template
0f262a4 adjust id_current.template
3fc0f4b create default/enable_checkboxes to replace default/enable_voting_sea_of_checkboxes
8c6715c update todo.txt
9316c30 update todo
e8f5294 update jswarning message


9ff29f7d265fad7327593e744db4d2f111b40cc1 .txt server

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The Reply Box

Authors, please forgive this UI deficiency: Do not upset the reply token, which begins with >>. GPG users, be sure to include it in your signed message.

Voting Ballot (aka The Sea of Checkboxes)