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Installed software version has changed from 37e7d79d.. to 352c7610..

352c761 add item_title to schema
489c92f fix ob1 in
85a5c27 enable dir listings in lighttpd.conf
2a4c147 clarify useragent parsing in
ce47b73 update todo
b4fee9c hide logged-in status for privacy (frontend) ; add disclaimer placeholder ; add styling for disclaimer ;
91a3de5 add some invisible hr's for older browsers
8da4fc7 update disclaimer text
82a0436 add disclaimer texts
203b1af update id_create to work correctly with config/prefill_username
5081e80 organize identity page templates; break up large template into logical pieces
166cf13 change default homepage to html/top/hastext.html
e7aad64 fix target in write-small.template

c33014400772e6bbf10d1966234c41037813fcf1 .txt **server

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