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Something stinks.

There were never any charges. He was wanted for questioning. He answered the questions. The prosecutor decided there was nothing to pursue and gave him permission to leave Sweden. So he did. Then hours later another prosecutor in another part of the country picked up the case, reopened it and issued an emergency type of alert after him. He offered to be questioned in person or over the phone, as is accepted and even somewhat frequent practice in Sweden. The new prosecutor refused for many years. He even offered to go back to Sweden on the guarantee that they would not extradite him to the US. Sweden refused to make that guarantee and to even question him in the UK, all the while making misleading and disingenuous statements against him in the press.

Yes, the whole thing stinks. And it is meant to distract from the excellent and important work that Wikileaks did years ago in publishing exposés war crimes. "They" keep pounding the rape drum and many in the public now associate him with charges that never existed for a crime he was never accused of.


e3190495ba5bdfdf659da51da546d5b08fa2723e .txt

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