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ed196922d342ff1ed8fd6d2a9c827a17c43bb2cb .txt **Scientific Linux (RPM signing key for Scientific Linux)

Scientific Linux is driven by Fermilab's scientific mission and focused
on the changing needs of experimental facilities.

Fermilab is looking ahead to DUNE[1] and other future international
collaborations. One part of this is unifying our computing platform with
collaborating labs and institutions.

Toward that end, we will deploy CentOS 8 in our scientific computing
environments rather than develop Scientific Linux 8. We will
collaborate with CERN and other labs to help make CentOS an even better
platform for high-energy physics computing.

Fermilab will continue to support Scientific Linux 6 and 7 through the
remainder of their respective lifecycles. Thank you to all who have
contributed to Scientific Linux and who continue to do so.

[1] For more information on DUNE please visit

James Amundson
Head, Scientific Computing Division

Office of the CIO
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

ed196922d342ff1ed8fd6d2a9c827a17c43bb2cb .txt **Scientific Linux (RPM signing key for Scientific Linux)

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