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To the psychiatrist who told me I would never be a functional member of society at 17. (self.UnsentLetters)

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To the psychiatrist who told me I would never be a functional member of society at 17. (self.UnsentLetters)

299 points submitted 7 hours ago by ontheetowah
You diagnosed me with bipolar disorder at 17 even though I didn't meet the criteria for diagnosis. You ignored the fact that I was in a psilocybin induced psychosis at the time and deeply traumatized by a series of events throughout my teen years that I'm still healing from at 28. You pushed anti-psychotic and mood-stabilizing medications on me that sedated me to the point that I couldn't hold a conversation or stay awake throughout the day. When I tried to explain to you that the meds weren't helping and actually making me worse, you wrote off my complaints as defiance. When I refused to take Chantix because I knew of the dangerous psychological side-effects for people with depression and anxiety, you made me stay at the hospital for 2 more weeks and ordered the medication anyway. Luckily, the nurses didn't make me take it and put in a recommendation to stop the prescription. You would only give me referrals to expensive doctors that didn't take insurance because you said that I was such a severe case that a doctor who took insurance wouldn't be able to help me. You advised me to go on disability when I turned 18 because you said I would never be a functional member of society. My family caught you charging them for appointments that you didn't even keep and I would not be the least bit surprised to find out that you had some sort of monetary incentive to prescribe the meds you did. You are a fraud, a crook, and an all-around bad doctor.

I take doctors' recommendations. I believe in medication and therapy and do as I'm told, within reason. But the more I bucked your bullshit treatment the harder you came down on me. You are a pathetic person who psychologically tortured a 17 year-old girl because she didn't take your every word as fact. Looking back, I know in my heart that you were so cruel to me because you felt like your God-like position at that hospital was being threatened. I've since been treated by good psychiatrists who are appalled by the cocktail of meds you had me on. I don't even have bipolar disorder, you twat. I have generalized anxiety disorder and PTSD. I've since been able to stop taking medication completely and am very much a functional member of society.

I am a loving person, a forgiving person, an understanding person. My grandfather used to say that he never could hate a man once he truly understood him. Well, I do understand you and it only makes me hate you more. You're the only person on this planet that I can honestly say that I hate. I wonder how many CHILDREN in your care have been told that they would never recover. I wonder how many CHILDREN in your care have blindly taken medications that worsened their condition. I wonder how many CHILDREN in your care have been mistreated. I hope to God that you have your comeuppance--not because it would be satisfying to me, but because you should never be allowed near a sick, hurting, damaged child again.

I wish nothing but the worst for you, Dr. Attala.

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