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Installed software version has changed from 04c32a9a.. to 6aaceb7d..

6aaceb7 add --batch --yes to gpg commands ; do not auto-trim GetConfig()
b9ced20 create votequick.template
68b0de6 give textart tag styling an inset border
530c9c2 create template for styling of textart entries
d229e90 ensure that "profile page" link is displayed and not displayed correctly
f126f62 add tagsets for five popular tags
5786a7b less borders like the design advice article said
6e266c8 add lock file to gitflow so that two don't run concurrently
0d7301c get rid of some borders for cleaner look
ddea284 disable abyss rebuilding in
4000daa change default/header_pattern to blank to improve performance

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[Item 54156ced.. was added at 1555391771.]
[Item 54156ced.. was added by 14b7394335452c1cf7c967d77afac164.]

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Welcome, Anonymous1847
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[Vote on 03168da0.. at 1555373419: shy]

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test reply 2215

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test #test


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Installed software version has changed from a9f838cc.. to 04c32a9a..

04c32a9 less borders like the design advice article said
8b49fe7 increase number of parameters before DBAddAddedTimeRecord() performs a flush

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you're really testing my patience #test

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test 1809

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tet 1809

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is this some kind of a test?

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push 188000

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Installed software version has changed from a78bb665.. to a9f838cc..

a9f838c include thank you message when responding via php stub
019fea0 Merge branch 'master' of
1e74ffa create php hook for php-enabled servers to trigger an update when gracias.html is requested
940ca0b attempt to fix merge...
1ff1995 Merge branch 'master' of
067f54c only display profile link if profile already exists
2d072b3 add to doc/config.txt
30c2c86 add log entry when signature verification fails

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now test

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Welcome, Anonymous
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test test test 1722 (2)

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